Wrap up of food policy findings

Recently I’ve been called a box vegetarian because I don’t cook much. Even as a box vegetarian, I’m still cautious of the ingredients. I try to avoid high fructose corn syrup and processed soy. I’m happy to have learned about greenwashing because it plays a large part in my food shopping. I look at the Green Guide and Green Seal ect.. I’ve started eating more rice and quinoa. I’ve enjoyed learning about quinoa and the policies surrounding this staple food. My next step is eating and purchasing more local foods. I find this topic fascinating especially in the policy realm. I learned of a list of bills located on the Urban Agriculture State Legislation website that provides the details to proposed and passed policy relating to communities and states adopting local food practices.

I think the future of food policy is moving forward in a productive way. People are stepping up by demanding accurate labeling, quality food, and local economic benefits intertwined with local food policy. I expect there to be continuous backlash from the big business agriculture and trade policies. Even if it seems like a fad for the hipsters to go green and organic, I think it is really a mixture of wanting to reconnect with the roots of our food and the future of science and technology. We are understanding more and more the reality of our growing populations and health needs combined with the acceleration of our work days.

The overall context of class touched on each topic that I explored. I realize in much more depth the reasoning of issues and am able to communicate better my lifestyle changes because of this class and the independent research done in this blog.


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