Do you know quinoa?

I follow a few vegetarian and food related organizations via Facebook. One day recently after eating quinoa, there was a TakePart post on Facebook petitioning to stop consuming it called Quinoa’s Dark Secret. Being new to quinoa, I was initially horrified that I was contributing to the land degradation and food scarcity issues associated with quinoa exportation. I was also horrified that Facebook knew what I’d eaten for lunch and guilt tripped me. I don’t like a guilt trip, so I investigated further. After reading several articles and comments, I found a balanced explanation on Slate. It’s okay to buy quinoa.

Did you know that the UN declared 2013 the international year of quinoa? This crop is actually providing food security. Governmental initiatives use quinoa to combat malnutrition rates by offering it during school breakfast. NASA uses it to feed astronauts. It’s arguably the most nutritious food.


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